Wow!! It is impressive indeed to see the state of the place in the past and contrast it with the present.

We´ll keep watching the old family pictures and the afterwards, between thoughts and remembrances of an important stage in our lives that returns to our memories. Many times, the sites and history of a city change in a cold way and with no trace. This is not the case…

Thank you very much for sharing the work you are doing and above all, for the warmth with which you are attending part of our history.

Our warmest regards for the architect, for the work he is doing. For keeping alive the architecture of a time, our congratulations!

Gustavo and Carlos Samorano

Gustavo and Carlos lived their childhoods in the Conventillo of Chacabuco 748 until 1979, with their parents and other relatives. They now live in Spain. They came back to the conventillo 32 years later, and so gently, they shared their remembrances with ours. Thank you!!

Gustavo y su hermano jugando en la terraza y la escalera del conventillo. Años 1971 y 1972